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Date: 2006-08-27 04:02:34
Volume 1 Issue 10 August 28 2006

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JHC Newsletter? The weekly update from Jeff Heselwood Communications


Volume 1 Issue 10? August 28 2006

Creighton Brown

One of the founders of modern-day McLaren, Creighton Brown, has died of cancer at his home in Brazil. Creighton Brown was an amateur racer as well as a successful businessman.? He teamed up with Ron Dennis in the Seventies to run Derek Daly and Stephen South in March F2 cars.? In 1980, Brown and Dennis merged their Project Four Racing operation with McLaren to form McLaren International.? Creighton Brown was instrumental in creating the McLaren F1 supercar, and Brown and Dennis visited Hong Kong in the mid-Nineties to demonstrate the car at Sek Kong air field, with former Grand Prix driver Jonathan Palmer doing the driving.

Creighton Brown eventually retired to Brazil where he owned a pig farm.?

Fatalities up says NHTSA

An increase in motorcycle and pedestrian deaths contributed to an overall rise in highway fatalities in 2005, the U.S. Department of Transportation?s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration announced this week.? The total number of fatalities rose 1.4 per cent from 42,836 in 2004 to 43,443 in 2005.? Despite these depressing statistics the number of young drivers dying in car crashes actually declined in 2005 for the third straight year.

World record for JCB

On Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah, Britain?s Andy Green broke a three decades-old world speed record for diesel powered vehicles.? Driving a sleek, purpose-built record breaker, powered by twin diesel engines, Green achieved a speed of 529.09 km/h, the average of two runs in opposite directions, as required by the rules.

Although the tyres are only rated to 560 km/h, the team will try to beat their own record if the notoriously unreliable weather in Utah holds.

Meanwhile, the Financial Times reports that JCB is looking to buy Jaguar from Ford.? Sir Anthony Bamford is willing to acquire Jaguar from Ford, but not Land Rover, which seems a strange decision: Land Rover is profitable; Jaguar is not.

New Mazda MX-5 launched

Mazda has introduced its latest MX-5 sports car, complete with folding metal roof.? The first MX-5 hit the streets in 1989 and more than 700,000 have been built to date.? The new model with folding hardtop will certainly prolong the shelf life of this popular little roadster.

Bill Ford talks to Carlos Ghosn?

There are persistent rumours that Ford may negotiate some kind of tie-up with Renault/Nissan if Carlos Ghosn?s talks with General Motors come to nothing.? Ford needs to push its revival plans and a three-way conglomerate would undoubtedly help.

Industry insiders say that it would be simpler for Ford to link with Renault/Nissan as there would be less product overlap within their respective brands than with GM.

The other alternative currently being bandied about is to de-list Ford and take it private.? This would give company chairman and CEO Bill Ford the luxury of rapid decision making, without the need to consult shareholders.? Forty per cent of Ford shares and voting rights remain with the Ford family so a privatisation would not be hugely expensive in overall terms.

The other story that is doing the rounds is that Ford is talking to former CEO Jac Nasser about the sale of Jaguar and Land Rover to a private-equity company.? Nasser is senior partner at One Equity, a division of JPMorgan.

Honda?s new body parts plant in Thailand

Honda is to build a new body parts plant in Thailand to cope with demand for Honda vehicles in Asia.? Asia Parts Manufacturing will be located in Ayutthaya with production commencing in June 2007.

EuroNCAP Latest Results

Two new cars, the Ford S-Max and the Opel Corsa, have both been awarded EuroNCAP?s maximum five stars for adult occupation protection.? The S-Max becomes the highest scoring MPV to date.

EuroNCAP chairman, Claes Tingvall said, ?I am very pleased to see Ford and Opel achieve such good results with these new cars. The S-Max now sets new standards for other MPVs to follow, while the Corsa is another high-performing supermini.?

The S-max also scored highly in the child safety tests and scored a four-star rating.



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