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The newly launched GTC Speedis Bentley?s most powerful convertible ever. The introduction of the newGTC range builds on the success of the Bentley Continental GT ? so popular withPremier League footballers in the UK - with a subtle evolution of itsdistinctive style and a range of technical and feature enhancements benefitingcomfort and customer choice. The appeal of the GTC line-up is furtherstrengthened by the addition of the new 600bhp (442 kW) GTC Speed model. It isBentley?s most powerful convertible ever and is to a great extent inspired byBentley?s legendary ?Speed Models? from the 1920s.


Bentley won the Le Mans 24-Hours classic five times in the1920s, initially with a 3-liter model then with a 4? liter, and finally, in1930 with a 6? liter - hence the ?Speed? epithet. The final 1930 victoryBentley was driven by Woolf ?Babe? Barnato and Glen Kidston.? Woolf Barnato bought the Bentley company in1926. A wealthy socialite and member of the so-called Bentley Boys, he won LeMans three times as well as famously racing the Blue Train from Cannes in thesouth of France to Calais. He won with four minutes to spare.

The racing though was to take a significant financial toll,but supported by Barnato?s millions, Bentley Motors soldiered on until, in 1931,Bentley was taken over by Rolls-Royce.?The two marques remained synonymous until the late nineties whenVolkswagen acquired Bentley and Rolls-Royce ? the name, logo and Spirit ofEcstasy hood motif ? by BMW.

The new GTC models share a fresh frontal appearance. Theradiator grille is more upright with a more pronounced square edge,accentuating the Bentley profile, and bolder lower air intake. The latestmodels are further distinguished by chrome headlamp bezels, the availability oftwo new exterior paints and a new color hide.?

For the standard GTC, new low-friction dampers provideimproved ride comfort. In addition, two significant new options may bespecified on both GTC models: lightweight, fade-resistant, carbon-ceramicbrakes, the largest production passenger car brakes in the world, and asophisticated follow-to-stop adaptive cruise control system with long-rangeradar sensor that monitors traffic ahead and manages throttle and brakes tomaintain a driver-selected time gap.

The GTC?s chassis and rigid steel body have proved more thancapable of coping with the power of the 552bhp 6-liter engine. For the newContinental GTC Speed, Bentley?s twin-turbocharged W12 now develops 600bhp thatdelivers a true 322 km/h, or the magical 200 mph, with the roof up, with equallyeffortless acceleration. Even with the roof down the car can reach 312 km/h. The0-100 km/h? sprint comes up in just 4.8seconds and 0-160 km/h in 10.5 seconds.

The Continental GTC Speed is visually distinguished by subtledesign enhancements which emphasize its higher performance credentials.?At the front, the radiator and lower air intake grilles feature a dark tintedmatrix as standard. Larger diameter multi-spoke alloy wheels with speciallydeveloped Pirelli PZero ultra-high performance tires, lowered and upratedsuspension, wider twin-rifled exhaust tail pipes and a new boot-mounted lipspoiler that enhances high speed aerodynamics, reinforce the sporting characterof the Speed model.??

The GTC Speed?s 600 bhpW12 engine develops 9 percent morepower than the standard GTC. However, it is the 15 percent increase in torquethat really distinguishes the Speed model, which now develops an impressiveoutput of 750 Nm. This is achieved across virtually the complete rev range,from just 1700 to 5600 rpm.

Bentley chairman and chief executive, Dr. Franz-JosefPaefgen explains the rationale behind the GTC Speed: ?The Continental GTC is anelegant Grand Touring convertible in the Bentley tradition, exciting theemotions with its distinctive blend of performance, luxury, craftsmanship andmodernity. The GTC Speed completes the family of Continental Speed models andbroadens the appeal of the GTC to customers who demand a more focused, open-topdriving experience.?

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