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At this year?s North American International Auto Show inDetroit, while a number of leading manufacturers were missing, notably LandRover and even Ferrari, Volkswagen came out all guns blazing with a newroadster.? It was labeled a ?concept? butthese days no automaker invests so heavily if it does not intend to make it aproduction reality in the fairly immediate future.


The VW Concept BlueSport features a ?clean? diesel,common-rail injection engine, delivering 177 bhp (132 kW), mated to a six-speeddual-clutch transmission.? Driving therear wheels the new mid-engined roadster reaches the magical 100 km/h from restin just 6.6 seconds, with a maximum of 226 km/h. The two liter turbochargedmotor also produces a mammoth 350 Nm of torque from as low as 1750 rpm.? A remarkable ability in such a compactpowerplant.

?The BlueSport is a compact and passionate car with a clearVolkswagen signature. The car offers pure dynamics with a powerful 180 PS CleanDiesel engine that is combined with the characteristic Volkswagen philosophy ofefficiency,? confirmed Volkswagen?s Chairman of the Board, Prof. MartinWinterkorn in Detroit.

Volkswagen says that it defined just two objectives in thecar?s development: maximum driving fun and minimal fuel consumption. And so amid-engined sports car was implemented that makes no compromises, that aims atlow weight and maximum agility right from the start. Although it is best in itsclass when it comes to body rigidity, the Concept BlueSport weighs in at lessthan 1,200 kilos. The result was better performance that is more thanimpressive for every life situation, in addition to the cited fuel economy andemissions advantages. Low weight was attained by consistent application of lightweightconstruction methods. The soft top ? at 27 kilos ? is the lightest in itsclass, and the front and rear hoods are made of aluminum.

Despite all of the sports car fascination included on board,it still offers a respectable level of everyday utility. In the cargo areaunder the front hood, for example, the Concept BlueSport can stow 112 liters ofluggage; its counterpart in the rear can handle an additional 70 liters ofcargo volume. Altogether that makes 182 liters ? enough for working documentsor an extended weekend trip for two.

Making a positive impact on the car?s range, fuel economyand emissions are two technologies that could become more and more commonplacein the future and are part of the so-called Eco mode on the Concept BlueSport:an automatic start-stop system and braking energy regeneration. When the carstops at a traffic light, for example, it automatically shuts off its engine.As soon as the light turns green again, just tapping on the gas pedal willstart the engine immediately. Its entire operation is absolutely intuitive andsaves up to 0.2 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers in the city. Furthermore,when the roadster is braked, energy is generated by the alternator, whichfurther improves fuel economy.

The Concept BlueSport ? painted in Flex Silver painted andsporting an orange colored fabric roof ? was designed by the team led by KlausBischoff, director of design for Volkswagen, and Thomas Ingenlath, director ofthe Design Center in Potsdam.

?The design of the Concept BlueSport,? says Bischoff,?represents a perfect synthesis of technology and aesthetics. Its form is veryclear and is reduced to essentials; the car body itself has a lean and linearstructure.? Thomas Ingenlath adds: ?Emanating powerfully from this car body arethe circular wheel housings, flared out in three dimensions as in a sculpture.The radial surfaces, edges and blending of forms emphasize the wheels andthereby the agility of the BlueSport concept car. The lateral air intakes areidentifying features of the mid-engine layout, their volume-reducing designoffers visualization of the car?s sporty low weight.?

No word on when the Blue Sport will make production, but itis a sure-fire thing it will, probably within the next 18 months or so.

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