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The Golf GTi was arguably the world?s first ?hot hatch?.? Launched in 1975, it brought affordable ? and stylish ? performance to a generation of auto enthusiasts.

In 2004, the fifth Golf GTi brought back this legend more powerfully than ever before. Between the debut of the first generation and the production run out of the fifth generation, more than 1.7 million car buyers made the GTi a world bestseller. Now this is being followed up by the sixth GTi, even sharper and more confident than all of the others before it. A GTi whose chassis systems ? with standard electronic transverse differential lock ? redefines behavior in curves and traction. A 240 km/h fast GTi that is more fun to drive with its powerful 207 bhp (155 kW) turbo engine and yet only consumes 7.3 liters of gas. The original Golf GTi only boasted 110 bhp, but at the time it seemed to be every car lover?s dream.? Significantly, over the years the torque output has doubled ? from 140 to 280 Nm.


The benchmark 0-100 km/h time is a respectable 6.9 seconds; not out-of-this-world quick, but more than adequate.? Bear in mind, though, the original took over nine seconds for the same sprint.

Like the previous model, for the new GTi an optional 6-speed dual clutch transmission (DSG) will be offered as an alternative to the 6-speed manual transmission.? To explain the DSG, it was pioneered and developed in Weissach by Porsche and offers significant advantages, particularly in the area of smooth gear shifts, but it also offers better fuel economy. Porsche?s incredibly successful 956 and 962C Group C race cars benefited from this form of transmission.

A dual-clutch effectively offers the function of two gearboxes in one.? Think how a conventional gear shift occurs: the driver reduces power, presses the clutch which disconnects the engine from the gearbox, then selects a new gear before releasing the clutch pedal.? It is obvious therefore that a conventional transmission means that there is not a continuous flow of power from the engine, but torque is activated in an interrupted sequence according to the gear shifts.

The dual-clutch transmission uses, by definition, two clutches but has no clutch pedal.? Sophisticated electronics and hydraulics control the clutches, with one clutch controlling the odd-number hears ? first, third, fifth ? and the second the even-numbered ratios ? second, fourth and sixth. Using this unique system means gears can be changed with no interruption on the power flow from the engine.

For the first time, the distance control system ACC (adaptive cruise control) will be offered on the Golf GTi starting in late summer 2009. When ACC is activated, the system automatically brakes and accelerates the GTi within a speed window from 30 to 210 km/h. Above all, when cruising at constant speed on the freeway, ACC offers a significant plus in comfort and safety. Distance control is implemented with a laser sensor in the rearview mirror that continually scans the distance to the vehicle in front and its speed using five laser beams.

Another high-end technology on the new Golf GTi is the optional Park Assist park steering assistant. The second generation of the system is used here. It enables nearly automatic back-up parking parallel to the roadway.

As an option, Volkswagen is offering the Golf GTi with completely redesigned bi-xenon headlights, including dynamic curve lighting. The headlights swivel through a steering radius of up to 13 degrees to the outside and seven degrees to the inside.

Other options include 6-disc CD autochanger, power seats, leather upholstery and a tire pressure indicator.? The GTi, however, is pretty comprehensively equipped as a standard vehicle.

The German market launch of the sixth G Ti will begin shortly, while sales start across Europe just after Easter. North America and Asia will follow in late summer

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