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While it is a dubious prospect in a place like Hong Kong there is no doubt that an all-wheel drive system is generally safer and offers more sure-footed car control in all conditions.  The new MINI Paceman offers what makers BMW call ALL4.  Introduced in mid-2013, the Paceman is just one more variant in the increasingly diverse MINI line-up.  And of course, the MINI is anything but ‘mini’.  Compared to the 1959 Alec Issigonis phenomenon, which offered a wheel at each corner, minimal interior space, two doors (and originally sliding windows), the BMW version, launched in 2001, featured every creature comfort you could wish for, but it came with a significant increase in overall dimensions.
The MINI Paceman is truly anything but mini but it is an impressive piece of machinery. Featuring five doors and comfortable seating for four, it maximises both passenger and cargo space.
Available with a six-speed automatic transmission (6-speed manual is available to order), the Paceman also benefits from an electromagnetic centre differential which distributes drive force at continuously variable levels between the front and rear axles. Its electronic control system is integrated directly within the DSC control unit (Dynamic Stability Control), enabling it to direct drive torque quickly and precisely to where it can be most effectively transformed into drive.
A number of other safety systems are standard, including ABS, electronic brake-force distribution (EBD) and something called ‘cornering brake control’ which does exactly that to prevent the driver hitting the brakes too hard when turning.
Power comes from the proven BMW 1.6 litre engine (built at Hams Hall in the UK, whereas the vehicle itself is built in Austria) which delivers 122 bhp (90kW) at 6,000 rpm.  Maximum torque output is 190 Nm at the relatively low engine speed of 4,250 rpm.  The benchmark standstill to 100 km/h mark is reached 11.7 seconds, while maximum speed is a respectable 183 km/h.

On the Road
In reality it could be any small BMW you were driving: visibility is excellent, all the ancillary controls fall readily to hand and acceleration, although not startling, is perfectly adequate for Hong Kong roads.
Because of the central differential, the majority of the time it will operate in two-wheel drive mode, although the driver will be unaware of this.  On wet roads or loose surfaces, assuredly the four-wheel drive system will prove supremely sure-footed.  With electric power steering, driving the MINI is effortless and totally pleasurable, even in the heaviest of traffic.  Indeed, in congested traffic, the MINI is one of the least stressful vehicles you could wish for.

New paint finishes
If you want a completely different motor car, look no further: MINI is extending its programme of exterior paint finishes for current models to include an exclusive new variant. Frozen Black metallic paint is now available as a limited edition colour for the top of the range MINI Countryman and MINI Paceman models. This innovative paint which has a textured, shimmering matt finish, gives the car a striking and expressive appearance. The new colour and finish is available for the MINI Cooper S Countryman, MINI Cooper SD Countryman, MINI Cooper S Paceman, MINI Cooper SD Paceman, MINI John Cooper Works Countryman and MINI John Cooper Works Paceman.
The Frozen Black metallic paint finish is created using a complex manufacturing process exclusive to the BMW Group. This special painting procedure, which involves not just innovative technology but also a high level of manual craftsmanship, is now being applied for the first time by Austrian production partner Magna Steyr in Graz where the MINI Paceman and MINI Countryman are produced. The special surface treatment encompasses the base layer for grip and corrosion protection, the colour layer as well as the clear lacquer finish which has added silicates to create the matted impression as well as the velvet effect which can be seen and felt.
Attached exterior parts such as the model-specific front and rear aprons and the exterior mirror caps are finished separately in the paint finish Frozen Black metallic. Due to the labour intensive process used to apply this exclusive body colour during production it is limited to a restricted number of cars.
Frozen Black metallic is of the same high quality as the other paint finishes available for MINI in terms of abrasion resistance and colour fidelity. The finish is completely weather resistant and car wash resistant, however hand washing does require special care as spot cleaning of the surface using wax or polish can leave an unwanted gloss effect. For this reason the BMW Group offers care products developed specially for treating the Frozen Black metallic paint finish.

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